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Band Members
Tim - Vocals
Harry - Guitar
Greg - Drums, Vocals
Mr. James - Bass


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Voodoo Puppet

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Voodoo Puppet, is Cincinnati East Side-based blues-rock band. Their road-tested song list is packed with popular, upbeat tunes designed to get a wide variety of crowds up and dancing and keep them entertained all night. And their New Orleans/Cajun flavor transports one to a back porch on the bayou or seedy juke joint in the Big Easy, for a truly unique experience. Their music is a unique blend of classic blues and gritty blues-rock, in the spirit of classic 60s and early 70s bands’ approach to the genre. Though they play Chicago-style and other forms of blues, their music still centers on raw energy and a loose, improvisational style. A typical set includes upbeat, danceable blues, blues classics, blues-inspired classic rock, and Cajun favorites, with a little bit of funk, classic rhythm and blues, and classic soul thrown in for good measure.