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Band Members
Lady Joya – vocals
Bob Herrmann – guitar and vocals
Dave Sageser – bass and vocals
Roger Bates – drums and vocals
Steve Thomas – keys, sax, and vocals.


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The Juice

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The Juice is what became of the band II Juicy after the charismatic Michele Feaster passed away on August 7, 2010.  From 2004 -2010 II Juicy was the band that played clubs, festivals private events and blues events all over Ohio and Kentucky bringing upbeat energy to classic R&B, blues, rock and funk with them everywhere they went. Now The Juice carries on with new singer Lady Joya, continuing the tradition of a top shelf band with an engaging and entertaining vocalist.  We’ll play some great old tunes like we used to do and a bunch of new songs that will soon be your favorites as well.