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Band Members
Dave Gibbs- Guitar, vocals
Bob Bader: Electronic, acoustic percussion


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Spare Change

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We are the Cincinnati based acoustic group Spare Change. We are composed of Dave Gibbs on guitar/vocals accompanied by Bob Bader on electronic/acoustic the percussion. We have been playing together in various acts throughout tri-state area for over 25 years.  Since Spare Change was started we have played, 43 shows in 2008,  52 shows in 2009,  and 56 shows in 2010  and are on track for 66 shows in 2011 Why Spare Change: The main difference that sets Spare Change apart from other acoustic acts is the use of electronic/acoustic percussion instead of bass. This gives our music a more solid and unique sound over other acoustic acts. This also allows us to control our volume, whether we are providing background music, or are the main entertainment.  We are able to scale our sound to meet any situation. We play a mix of popular Rock cover tunes as well as our own original music. Something Special: Everyone needs to have a good time, so at our shows we like to pass out copies of our song list so people can make requests.  This way we can play the type of music the crowd wants to hear.  What's the point of playing if the crowd isn't enjoying the music.