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Band Members
Tim Goldrainer - Vocals | Steve Chiodi- Guitar
Jimi Orwig- Keyboards | John Castetter- Bass
Brandon Ryan- Drums


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Little Rebel Band

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The Little Rebel Band brings rock & roll, bluegrass and rhythm & blues to the storytelling truth of outlaw country and epic western ballads. With inspiration from The Beatles, Hank Williams Sr., Garcia and Willie, the result is an everyman’s brand of good-natured, rollicking, smile makin’, heart-breakin’ all-American music. With a new 12-song collection of “I swear it’s true” originals, alongside one King of the Road classic, they are taking old fans and new friends on “The Road”, their perfectly named cd produced by Grammy-nominated producer Ric “Lightin” Hopkins of SoundWorkshop Recording Studios. Hitting the road themselves, they’re taking their musical tales of lessons learned, battles fought and love won and lost to local and regional stages - they can honky-tonk with the best of them or play a good-time family friendly county fair. They’re a fun-loving band that engages the audience with seamless-sets, great stage presence and a passion for playing live. The two new and youngest members bring energy, inspiration and richness to the mix, from the never failing guitar of Matt Cummins to the near perfection of Jordan DeSalvo’s harmonica. Both have seamlessly melded into the groove and spirit set by founding father, songwriter, guitarist and lead singer Johnny “Reb” Williams, the glue of Todd Beaty, bass, vocals and songwriting, and the steady hand and solid foundation of drummer, Jack Fehrman. This is not a fly-by-night band of convenience. They come from all over the Cincinnati area and are dedicated to being a part of this band. Their enthusiastic, fun-loving and ever growing fan base is a testament to the energy, talent and commitment they bring to their music. The Little Rebel Band, head-quartered in Independence Kentucky, will travel near-or-far (even north or south of the Mason Dixon line) for an opportunity to get up on the stage, draw a crowd and play some great music