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Band Members
Doug McComas - Lead Vocals, Guitars
Jerry Wesley - Bass, Harp, Vocals
Butch Sutton - Drums
Chris Hazelwood - Keyboards, Vocals


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Dalton Street Gang

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No matter who you are or where you’re from, chances are, the greatest music you grew up listening to, was influenced by the Blues, Gospel, Jazz, R&B and Soul. The most memorable and greatest Rock songs ever written were influenced by these American forms of “Roots Music” and most within the last 30-40 years! Many artists throughout the world have been influenced by these founding American genres/styles and many of those artists have covered these great songs. Enter………..The Dalton Street Gang. DSG consists of 4 multi-talented, professional musicians with over 90 years of combined and proven performance experience. Each member contributes a multitude of influences ranging anywhere from Bach to BB King! We cover a wide variety of Blues, Classic R&B, Classic Rock, Soul & Originals. DSG is your premiere "RoadHouse Rock" band. We offer a different flavor than the norm and we don’t apologize for it! Our song lists are carefully thought out and formatted to keep our crowd engaged and entertained, while always encouraging patrons to have a great time while gettin down with the Gang! We've got the jams to getchya up and shakin with the grooves that bring home the biscuits and bacon! We like to call it….. .... ASS KICKIN, FINGER LICKIN, SLAP YO MAMA WITH A SOUL FRIED CHICKEN!!!