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More new music - Play It Again

Ronnie Vaughn not only keeps a live show schedule stacked, he keeps busy busting out more & more original work. As long as he keeps coming up with new music, we’ll keep writing about it. This latest effort is well worth reporting on too! I wonder if we’re the only one’s who do? If so, that would be a big bowl of wrong.
“Play it Again” is Vaughn’s latest release. 14 tracks speak the truth about Ronnie’s brand of folk-pop. The tunes range from Ronnie’s signature light hearted fast paced diddy’s (Better Yet, My Way), to a hard edged vibe (Wasted). He takes you back you to early Billy Joel on his “Your Type” and “Changed & Tried”.
He mixes in a sweet & slow, sultry sax 40’s mambo / Cuban tune I dig dig dig (Carlos). Adds in an emotional ballad (I Feel Love) and even a rock pop duet (Right Now). He throws you upside down with an offbeat quirky tune (No More). Then finishes up with a 50’s rock & roll twist beat with “Listen or Leave”. Caribbean roots shine through on many tunes (Gone, Games, Hellbound) much in part thanks to that sexy sax and vibrant steel drums.
This release shows Ronnie steppin’ out into different genres than before. He’s stacked the band with talent and his compositions share the spotlight with every player and singer. The diversity of the players shines bright. The band as a whole infused a multi-sided soul to Ronnie’s work. In some ways it’s more serious than previous work, but the underlying lightheartedness is still prevalent. That’s Ronnie’s style. Even when he writes break up songs, they come out freshly comical.
Check it out on his site or ours. It is worth bothering with or you wouldn’t be reading about it. I’m sure you can buy a copy at a local show and I imagine you’ll want to after hearing it online. God I love that Carlos tune! The whole thing is chock-full of music to be appreciated (even while inebriated). Don’t worry, Ronnie would approve.

Cast of characters & musicians;
Leepatrick Mahaney Drums / steel drums / ukulele.
Al Leffler Piano / organ / vocals.
Greg Hurd Sax.
Krista Purdon Vocals.
Bill Gwynne Vibra / slap.
Brandon Glanton Percusion.
Robert Campbell Bass.
Bill Knueven Guitar / vocals.
Ronnie Vaughn Guitar / vocals.


Press Release: Ronnie Vaughn and company teaming up with The Kevin Fox band of a duel CD Release Party at 20th Century Theatre in Oakley, OH on Saturday March 23rd it’ll all be recorded by Chuck Land Show.
The V&C crew just finished recording our next full-length CD “Play it Again!” at Ultra-
suede studios with the help of Professor Bill Gwynne. We went for more of a live and fresh sound, trying to capture as much of the instrumentation of the song as we could within a few takes and then overdubbing a little and adding vocals. Mixing is next. We are pumped!

We believe this will be our best CD yet with 14 songs in total and not a throw-in among

The Kevin Fox Band winners of the 2003 “BEST ORIGINAL BAND” and Kevin Fox winner of the 2003 “SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR” will be releasing their long awaited live CD “CAUGHT” as in “Caught on tape”.
A 13 track set of mostly new songs. Best known for co writing the 2003 hit song “ Freeze” Kevin has brought his unique brand of humor, pop, rock, and sing-alongs to this brand new release. Band members Kevin Cooper, John Kay’s, Chris Ellison and Billy Rock round out the sound. Ronnie Vaughn and Kevin Fox together on the same stage.

Sounds like a good time and great music!