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The Schoolhouse Restaurant & General Store
8031 Glendale-Milford Road, Camp Dennison

Why is it we decide to go out for dinner and end up looking for an authentic Chinese kitchen, a Mexican cantina or an Italian bistro? Many diners are always on the hunt for the next great local “best kept secret” but rarely do we look to our own savory American fare. Why?
I’m certain most of us delight in the idea of our next Easter dinner. Baked ham, sweet potatoes, soft fluffy yeast rolls and all the sweet desserts. Thanksgiving is another crowd favorite with all that roast whole turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, baked stuffing, corn bread and green bean casserole... mmm.
Americans definitely dig the holiday dinners. Memories are made from the smells of the kitchen and the feast spread out on the dining table. Usually we even give the “all you can eat” buffet principle a real honest effort during those holiday dinners. Why wouldn’t we? It’s wholesome Americana on a plate!
Well Easter’s long gone and Thanksgiving is even further away but if now you have your sites set on salivating over a real meal grandma would be proud of you need not despair.
There’s a family running a restaurant over in Camp Dennison that can guarantee they can quench those country cookin’ cravings. I can testify that they aren’t kidding either. The family is the Millers, the restaurant is The Schoolhouse and they have been serving up a perfect holiday dinner 4 days a week ever since first opening in 1962.
I will fore warn you... don’t show up without your Thanksgiving appetite. You’ll be sadly disappointed with yourself.
When you see the server bring out the big bowls of salad, cole slaw, mashed potatoes, green beans and corn bread you’ll wish you had fasted for three and a half days before coming just so you could make the most of this fantastic fare.
I bet when you smell the award winning fried chicken you’ll wish you had worn sweat pants. If you didn’t wear sweat pants ( I hope you don’t) you’ll at least have to loosen up the belt two notches, guaranteed.
The Schoolhouse blackboard is covered with the daily offerings and there is something there to please any palate. Country fried steak, prime rib, sirloin steak, meatloaf, Halibut and Mesquite grilled chicken just to name a few. All of these delicious entree’s are always accompanied by the heaping helpings of the side dishes we all expect with our holiday meals. Did I say heaping helpings? I should re-phrase that, never ending helpings is more like it. Never ending side dishes people, never ending.
Are you starting to see why the belt is going to get a little looser? This isn’t some Golden Corral canned corn either. This is country cooking so good your grandma’s going to like it so much even she’s gonna want to leave the cooking to the Schoolhouse and spare the kids the dishes. If your dining as a couple and can’t even put a dent in the first helping (like us) don’t fear it will go to waste, you can always get a box. Our leftovers actually made two more meals as side dishes, one lunch one dinner, both were great.
Just how much is all this holiday style home cooking gonna cost me? Well that’s the kicker... almost every entree selection is under $15. We went with the “sharing plan” which is just an extra $6.95 to the entree price. All said and done we walked out stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey (and with two boxes of food) for a $23 bill. The Schoolhouse is more than a restaurant... it’s an experience. Really.
This is what it used to be all about... great food from a family run business that exceeds your expectations. I’ll give them my money any
day. Go see for yourself and bring some friends and family, there’s plenty of good grub to go around.