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Sonny Moorman

By now most of you have heard of Sonny Moorman. However when was the last time you made it out to see them? Sonnys been crankin out the best notes in town for a long time now, walking the line between blues and power rock and putting together some very impressive original songs. If you like the guitar greats of the 60's and 70's Sonnys got your groove. We caught up with the band at Rhinos on Sunday. Sonny started right off with some up-beat, get out there and dance classics, with a SMG twist. Blasting out Black Magic Woman, or rockin the Rolling Stones
Sonny never misses a lick of it. I believe most songs are actually played much better than the original artist ever played them! That's no easy feet considering the set list reads like a who's who of classic rock. Allman Bros., Bob Dillon, Led Zepplin, Jimi, ZZ Top, the list goes on and on.
The show starts with a bang and just gets better. Sonny slides into his guitar like Dale Jr. slides into his car, revs the motor and put's the pedal down. From there it's a thrill ride of sound and emotion, bangin' through the gears, and absolutely smokin' the tires. My favorite requests are the original tunes of the last few albums, Sonny's Blues, Telegragh Road ,Crossroads Motel, Another Night (acoustic), All Souled Out, and many more. If you don't have any of the c.d.s you can pick them up at the show. I have them all and share them with friends all the time, Everyone is amazed at the quality of these releases, every album has radio quality sound reproduction and radio quality hits. They're simply a must have addition for any classic/blues/rock fan. The years of live performance's have smoothed the bands show into a well oiled, finely tuned machine. Yet horsepower is at an all time high. This three piece band sounds bigger than most five pieces. Steamlined and efficient, these guy's have it together. Sonny Moorman (guitar, vocals), long time bandmates Marc Hoffman (bass), and Jamie Combs (drums, vocals) are out there every night, playing 20+ shows a month. You can see the calender, more pics, see and hear live performances, check out albums and news on the bands website WWW.SONNYMOORMAN.COM If you want to play in a band, theres even Sonny and Marc's Rock School, novices, and experts alike could learn a few things from these guys. AC/DC said it so true with "it's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll!" and it sounds like this Cincy band is finally in sight of the summit. We just want to say Thanx Sonny ! we look forward to spending another night with you here soon! Get out there and let Sonny know the Eastside supports local talent, go to the show, get the c.d. and wear your Sonny shirt proudly!


Talking about blistering guitar riffs and smoldering solos gets Sonny hot.
Even the mere mention of an awesome Allman Brothers album (yeah there used to be such a thing as albums) or a hard hitting Hendrix song gets Sonny fired up! It’s no wonder Sonny’s blood starts heat’n up because Sonny is able to get out his guitar and jam like Ole Gregg himself. Sonny is quite at home playing the blues ballads or the juiced up jam joints. If you have never heard Sonny up close and personal you really can’t quite understand. This cat’s one of those musicians Billy Joel was talking about when he sang “They sit at the
bar and put bread in my jar and say Man what are you doing here”. Yeah I’ve often wondered over
that past 10 years just how long I would get to see Sonny live locally. You expect that at any moment He may be up and gone...rollin’ down the road to the great blues towns like Memphis, Austin, Nashville
or Atlanta for good. Sonny loves Memphis, Memphis loves Sonny. Memphis has a music scene
Cincinnati will absolutely never parallel The streets are full of that Southern spice of life, the sounds of smoking guitars and the smell of smoking ribs. Annual Blues fests like the recent International Blues
Challenge (Feb. 07) Showcase the brightest talents in the music industry from all over the world.
The legendary local pubs are all crawling with regional acts that can make the grade. You could go
out seven nights a week for a month and never see them all. Memphis is awesome and what’s also awesome is the fact that Sonny finished an impressive second place
in the International Blues Challenge this year! Since we’re stuck here in Cincinnati we best be thankful we can see a local band that Memphis envies us over. Sonny Moorman is steadily booked on the Eastside as well as every other side. You can see the show for free most of the time. Sonny has been tearing up Cincy for over a decade now with his awesome performances and it just keeps getting better. The band has several CD’s out and I have every single one of them including a few Sun Studio un-reIeased stuff that I doubt anyone else has heard. Ask me nicely and I might shoot you a copy. They are all incredible and I have worn out and
replaced several. The first being Tele-graph Road a simply first class album with well written and performed radio ready tracks like Sonny’s Blues, Fast Cars Pretty Women and Low Down Rhythm & Blues, Up
To My Neck In The Blues, All Coming Down and of course Telegraph road. Crossroads Motel
is also an absolutely awesome record. They stay in shuffle in my 5-disc for days at a time. Sonny has
CD’s for sale at the show so if you don’t have it by now you had better grab one, I hear some earlier
releases are real scarce. Sonny’s not the only amazingly talented guy in the band either.
Bass player Mark Hoffman is so smooth he makes a baby’s butt feel like it has a 5 0’clock shadow...really. Backing Mark and Sonny up from the rear is drummer Dave Fair. Dave kicks the petals and
slaps the sticks to his skins in perfect time. Rather new to the band Dave has slid right into a groove with Sonny and Mark. The Sonny Moorman band puts on a show that makes veteran musicians stand up and cheer...not to mention the fans. Sonny keeps fueling the fire and the gigs get hot!
Get on to see more about the band. You can hear the songs, see the pics, calender, and more or at