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10 Questions With Pink Floyd Tribute Signs Of Life

EV: Introduce the band, tell us where you’re from and how you got together.

SOL: Jon Stankorb-Vocals/Guitar/Lapsteel 
Bill Brandenburgh-Vocals/Keyboards  
Rick Fields-Guitar/Keyboards
Kortez Kaufman-Vocals/Drums  
John Hoerr-Vocals/Bass  
Dave White-Acoustic/Electric Guitar   
Randy Thompson-Saxophone
Rhnee OBrien-Vocals  
Jeanne Blessing-Vocals  
Marcia Coulton-Vocals

EV: Where have you guys been playing (locally/nationally)?  

SOL: We played our debut show to a sellout standing room only crowd at the 20th Century Theatre.  We are working with an agency to book us in the Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana/Michigan area this fall.

EV: What prompted the band to dedicate your show to Pink Floyd?  

SOL: Besides an obvious love for the music, I put the band together with the idea of presenting the Pink Floyd material in a dynamic way utilizing the areas finest musicians, with a reverence for the visual and sonic quality of the typical Pink Floyd show.  I researched many of the other Pink Floyd Tributes and while I enjoyed many... .I felt that there was still room for another perspective.

EV: What do you bring to the show that gives the audience the true Floyd experience?  

SOL: The vocal and instrumental arrangements have been carefully scrutinized for performance authenticity.... including the special sound effects and spoken word elements.  We cover multiple guitar parts, intricately layered vocals/keyboard arrangements... performing the songs with passion and clarity without “grandstanding”. Our lighting and video team also provides a strong element in our shows

EV: How “deep” do you go into Floyd album collection on your set lists?  

SOL: We include lesser known deep album cuts such as “Fat Old Sun”, “Set the controls for the heart of the Sun”, “Fearless” as well as the classic and post-Roger Waters Floyd.  
EV: Name a few of your all time favorite tracks to play.  

SOL: Shine On You Crazy Diamond is a personal favorite.  The finest 4 notes in the rock n roll pantheon.

EV: We love how the band Dark Star (Dead tribute) plays a specific Dead show from start to finish exactly as it was played on that date. It’s also amazing that they play the same instruments and use many of the same amps and speaker cabinets the Dead used as well. Do you use any of the same instruments/equipment like the original band played with to capture that authentic sound & feel?  

SOL: I use Fender Stratocaster guitars with modified pickups and bridges like David Gilmour uses... although I favor Dr. Z handmade amplifiers to the original Hiwatt amps the Floyd used.  Our keyboardist thoughtfully replicates the same tones used on the live and studio recordings while preferring the modern keyboard technology for its flexibility and roadworthy-ness.

EV: How do you describe the “magic” that made Pink Floyd one of the all time greatest bands and best selling album collections to this day.

SOL: The magic came from the fact that the band played to their strengths and worked together as a collective to forge a unique sound.  David’s melodicism, Roger’s thought provoking lyrics and concepts, Rick’s harmonic leanings and Nick’s laid back “pocket”. Dark Side of the Moon documents a band in the truest sense of the word.  They also surrounded themselves with wonderful engineers and producers like Alan Parsons and Chris Thomas. Pink Floyd “arrived” in a time in music, when audiences and record buyers had the capacity and patience to accept a piece of music that took time to unfurl and develop unlike typical 2-3 minute hit singles.  Many of their songs were meant to be listened to in the order that they appeared on the record as a continuous thought.  Unlike the a la-carte MP3 ITunes format that much of today’s music is consumed.    

EV: Cincy has our fair share of Floyd Heads that’s for certain. Fans trek all over to see great tributes like Wish You Here and The Machine. Your Riverstar show is bound to be a sell out success so are you confident the 100’s of Floyd Heads will feel like they’re in concert with the real deal?  

SOL: Each Pink Floyd Tribute band has a slightly different element to their show.  A Signs of Life concert faithfully recreates the “Sound & Vision” of Pink Floyd but most importantly strives to connect on an emotional level which I personally feel is the most compelling.  Our audiences have been overwhelmingly loving and vocal in their appreciation at our show.  The emotion and passion certainly comes through each performance.

EV: Tell us where we can see more on the band (website) and check out any audio or video from your shows.  

SOF: You can check us out at We look forward to seeing everyone at the show!