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Jammin' with Sacred Soul

Always dedicated to showcasing the best in up & coming new acts, this month we have a truly new name you likely won’t recognize... Sacred Souls. In the same vein as Seether, Staind, Shinedown, 3 Doors Down and Theory of a Deadman, Sacred Souls hits hard musically (but no so hard you can’t make out the lyrics). Modern metal, with a radio ready sound.
I saw them live, sharing the stage with the hard rockers at Madison’s Band Challenge. As the bands shared their individual styles of metal, I was stumped as to what any of the ‘singers’ were actually singing. Ychoow, schoatlaut urrrh jaut uarhan! That’s all I got out of most of it, sounds like a drunken Klingon. Why all the jabberwawling and slobber jaw howling? It doesn’t make you a harder band, it makes you a less listened to band. Any fool can spew out that gibberish. Sacred Souls speaks plain English. Make no mistake, Sacred Souls is hardcore, but their pro delivery on the vocals sets the apart (among other things). We got them to answer a few questions so we could understand more about this band.

Q. You guys swept through round one of the Madison’s band battle (great performance by the way). What drew you to the event?
A.For more experience, exposure, & the ability to network with other bands and industry people along with working with the Madison Theatre.
Q. I know it’s difficult to say the least for a band to draw in decent numbers in local clubs outside their home state. What venues and cities have you had the best response to the band so far here in Ohio?
A. Columbus, Bellefontaine, & Indian Lake
Q. With such success in those Ohio cities, why has Cincy been such a tough nut to crack?
A.We wouldn’t say it’s a tough nut to crack, truth be told it is a area we are just recently breaking into. Time will tell if it’s a hard nut to crack,lol! Hopefully we are well received in Cincy.
Q. Aside from winning the Madison’s band battle. What are your plans to do about that?
A.Bring the strongest show possible, while staying true to ourselves. Getting our fans out to the venue along with new ones, but we have to focus on round two while remaining positive to the outcome.
Q. Your original work on reverbnation shines strong. Obviously original songs are the “soul” of the show. I dug the cover tune you played at the Madison show (I wear my sunglasses at night), heavily twisted and super cool. Any other covers tunes you all like to mix into a live show?
A.We are currently working on our version of a “very” popular 90’s rap song that everyone will enjoy it will be revealed very shortly but everyone is welcome to guess?! 
Q. AC/DC said “It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock & roll”. I’m certain that’s true. Breaking into new venues, exploring new cities and taking chances on unknown clubs has to come with some surprises and disappointments (not to mention a hell-of-a fuel bill). Share some highlights and low moments so far for all our readers to get the picture of what it’s like “doin’ one night stands play’n in rock roll band” these days.
A.One of our highlights would have to be driving to a venue 200 miles away and the venue was packed to see & hear our live show! Another high point is playing a large concert and the fans singing along with our music was an incredible experience! Now low point is another story some funny stuff, we had a venue call us day of the show after 2 months of planning and they had no sound system or soundman! In the same breathe asked us if we knew a soundman? Out of state, mind you hmmmm? A strange question yes, but none the less you have to laugh sometimes to keep from being frustrated. Also we had a venue we played and at the end of the night they stated they did not have our money, ugh!!! So unprofessional but you live and learn. Although you have ups and downs everything is a learning experience and helps us grow as artist. On another note we are set to release our debut CD we recorded @ Sonic Lounge Studios in February, “REACH YOU NOW” which is also a track on our debut featuring Marty Ray McCoy of Bobaflex, we are currently booking our upcoming tours and Cincy is a spot we plan on hitting frequently!  Currently Have a Karaoke contest going on in cincy at Township Fields and Tavern for a female singer to sing on our album along with up coming shows.
I could go into detail about the searing guitars that remind me of Queensryche, the Traa Daniels-esque bass pushing and shoving the beat, the precision percussion drum work that sounds like a twenty piece kit rather than the semi-jazz kit it actually is. And of course the crisp clear solidly strong voice of the band, belting and soaring through the melodies. But I haven’t the page space to go into detail, besides it really wouldn’t matter, you just need to hear it. if you’re a modern metal fan, hit up Sacred Souls online and see if they do it for you (, if so keep an eye on the Band Guide as more Cincy bookings are certain to appear.
The band is drawing fans fast anf furious in columbus, Dayton, Lexington and more. Here in Cincy, they’re just breaking into the scene (we’re always last). Sacred Souls is moving up to round two in the Madison Band Challenge. You can see the full show live at Township Fields and Tavern (Jan-). Ladies, you have a rare opportunity to record a live duet with Sacred Souls singer 0000 complete with album credits if you win the TFT karaoke contest. Who knows where that may lead to!