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Just Opened

Poochie’s Place
1375 Ohio Pike Amelia, OH 513-753-4000

The Amelia KFC moved down the street into a Long John’s/KFC combo joint. The old KFC building has been taken over by a mom & pop place named “Poochie’s Place”
Poochie’s is only open from 6am to 2pm. Obviously breakfast is the main theme on the menu. Pancakes, waffles, French toast and omelettes take up the most space on the menu.
Breakfast prices are cheap, $1.89 buys you two pancakes cakes. $1.60 gets you a hot waffle.
$3 buys a breakfast sandwich. $6 buys an egg platter or a large biscuit & gravy. $6.50 or so will get you any omelette with potato & bread.
  That all sounds pretty good. Prices are cheap enough and they claim to make most it from scratch.
I didn’t get into Poochie’s until after noon so I was looking more for a lunch deal. Fried bologna was on the special board but it didn’t sound so special to me so I opted for a Poochie’s signature “Vic’s Roast Beef” sandwich ($4.99 plus $2.65 for cole slaw & fries). My co-conspirator went with a “Crispy Cod” sandwich (same price).
  As you can see from the photos, neither looked exactly impressive. Cheapie buns, pre-seasoned frozen fries (the kind I hate), slim meat portions. The fish had two small fingerling breaded cod pieces, a smear of tartar sauce and an onion slice. It tasted like it looked. Cheap.
The roast beef looked worse. A skinny pile of sliced beef under a melted piece of American. However, the flavor was the saving grace. Think Roy Rogers roast beef and you’re on the right track. Juicy, flavorful and tender. Poochie’s doesn’t do fries or fish worth a damn but Vic has the roast beef figured out. They just need to stack it a little thicker, after all it’s a $5 sandwich.
  A friend munched down a burger, he said it was good, but again on the slender side. Another friend tore up a chicken salad sandwich with a quickness. He said it was great. This was his second trip and he liked his goetta breakfast platter the first time around as well.
  In review, frozen fish - crap, frozen fries - crap, frozen burger - OK, scratch made roast beef - great, scratch made chicken salad - great, getting the picture? When Poochie’s puts in the effort, it turns out great. When they reach in the bag for something frozen to fry, it turns out crap. Who’d have guessed? Uhh, me. When will restaurants learn?
  Poochie’s makes more than that from scratch. Much of the breakfast and all of the pies and desserts are Poochie prepared. They even go to the trouble of buying all organic steroid/hormone free sausage from Brian Messmer Farm in KY.
That’s a big deal to me too because every single sausage brand for sale in every store has MSG. Even Silverglade’s. MSG is bad bad bad. If you smartly avoid it, you can’t buy sausage at all in the stores. I like that Poochie’s bothers to get the good stuff.
  I also like the prices but $5 for two frozen fish sticks on a generic bun is a bit steep. Don’t get me wrong, I say go to Poochie’s. But! Ask the server if they make whatever it is you are ordering. Ask if it’s frozen or fresh in house stuff. Avoid the frozen crap, dig on the fresh stuff.
If you do, your review will be all smiles and gold stars. It’s a shame they even bother to sell the frozen junk. Otherwise everything would be great homemade food. Just as it should be.
However you look at it... it’s a hell of lot better than KFC. People who actually eat that sh!t
should be studied at UC for brain function defects.