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10 Questions with Model Behavior

EV: Introduce the band and tell us how you all got together.

MB: The band is made up of Jonathan Kohlman on Lead vocals, Keith Sams on keyboards, Dennis Cahalane on lead guitar, Scott Brail on rhythm guitar, Slappin’ Jack Gibbs on Bass and Rick Bailey on drums.
We are the perfect example of a basement band. It all started with some guys getting together for a few hours every couple weeks to have a beer and make some noise. No real direction. The drummer’s wife was the chair for the WEBN fireworks fundraising event for Building Blocks for Kids, and decided that we would be the entertainment (whether we were ready for it or not). We had about 2 months to get our act together so we decided to get a little more serious about the band as a whole. We had so much fun at the first gig that we decided to stick with it.

EV: Your 1st set showed no signs of fear of music of the 80’s. 80’s is uber-hot right now in the club covers. Tell us what drives your set lists.

MB: We are at our best when we see people up on their feet having fun. 80’s music gets you there quick. We really try to be an interactive band. We build our set lists to work people into the fun throughout the evening. Having people dancing, singing, providing cowbell help, etc is a great time. You have to love it when people are singing with you. Some nights you see some creative things like people slow dancing to My Sharona. That brings a smile to everyone.

EV: Aside from the 80’s hits what other artists are among your favorites to cover and why?

MB: We’re all over the place. We grew up in the 80’s so that has been our main focus but we love to play any artist that gets people up and moving. Any song with a good groove. The 80’s just happens to have a lot of music that fits the bill. We’ve had fun with some Beatles songs, Elvis and a few from the 70’s. We also look for any material that crosses multiple generations so that we can appeal to a wider audience. We draw the line at gangster rap.

EV: On our (unfortunately brief) visit we never really had chance to see that key board player (Keith Sams) tear up that keyboard proper. Are there any songs in particular you guys cover that are key based to give him a chance to shine?

MB: You just didn’t stay long enough! We do have a handful of songs that allow Keith to shine, but being predominantly an 80’s cover band, the keys are critical in many songs. Keith is responsible for covering our brass sounds as well as synthesizer and piano. He also plays an incredible banjo solo on Squeezebox. We do play Great Balls of Fire and Keith has a chance to hit the keys pretty hard during this song. These are always crowd pleasers so we are looking to add more to our set list in the future.

EV: Has the band produced any original music as of yet?

MB: Several of the band members have written original material but up till now we have focused our attention on doing the covers. At this point in our brief career as a band we feel that it would be hard to do both effectively. Once we make it big we’re all going to quit our day jobs - then we can start doing more of the originals!
EV: What are your favorite clubs you’ve been playing around town, any clubs in particular you’d like to get in?

MB: Because we are mostly Eastsiders, we’ve been primarily sticking with the eastside gigs. It makes it a little easier to get up in the morning. The Anderson Bar and Grill and Putters have been a couple of our favorite spots. Always a good crowd and they treat us well.
We’re working on expanding our horizons and hopefully playing a few of the larger venues – Rhinos, Longworths or Jefferson Hall. These places always seem to have a good party going on.

EV: We snapped quite a few good photos at ABG, we tried and tried but never could seem to get the bass player (Jack) smiling though... what does it take to see this guys teeth... maybe, naked chicks doing handstands? Just kidding, we dig the “smooth as a prom queens thigh” bass lines!

MB: Good question - unfortunately we don’t know since none of us have ever seen him smile. Actually we did have one hot chick doing cartwheels during a St. Patricks day show and I think he may have cracked a smile for that. Hey, laying down those bass lines is serious business.

EV: We also captured a couple cool tunes for video as well, we’ll upload them to your page on our site. Do you have any audio/video currently online for the fans and venues to check out?

MB: Certainly - check out We always try to upload new material whenever we can. Also you can find us on Facebook.

EV: Where are we going to see you guys playing in September?

MB: At this point we only have a couple private parties booked in September. We’ve been focused on getting our promo CD wrapped up for the last few weeks, so we are looking to get back out more in October and the rest of the year. You can generally find us at the Anderson Bar and Grill about every 6 weeks or so.

EV: What are a few of your favorite local bands and what advice do you have for emerging “basement” bands.

MB: The Rusty Griswolds are one of our favorites – primarily because they play the same types of tunes that we do but they do it so well. We also have good friends in Crosstown Traffic, the Chili Dogs, Boo Radley and Patsy’s Decline. With respect to advice for emerging basement bands, we would like to share a few lessons that we have learned the hard way:
1.) Don’t let people up on stage with you unless you know they can keep a beat - we’ve had a few cowbell disasters!
2.) Try not to put anything of value near the front of your stage. Inevitably one of the drunk partiers will fall over your equipment and spill beer on everything.
3.) Pick music that the ladies want to hear – if the women are up having fun then EVERYONE is having fun.
4.) Finally, find a couple of band mates that will put up with you, agree on a common goal for the band and have fun. You learn pretty quickly that you’re not going to get rich playing in a small cover band. If you’re not having fun with it – it’s just not worth it.

EV: Awesome, and the show was well worth seeing! We’ll be back and maybe take a turn on that cowbell.