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The Loveland Castle
Haunted... or just watched over?

12025 Shore Rd, Loveland, OH 45140
(513) 683-4686

In 1929 Sir Harry Delos Andrews bought the property the Loveland Castle (Chateau Laroche) now sits on for $75. He began construction on the Castle shortly after. The truly amazing thing is he did it all by hand and basically all by himself.
He personally mined, hauled (and even created some of) the 4 million stones the Castle required, he even made his own mortar. No plans, no machines, just pure will power and determination.
Sir Harry had a vision. He dedicated his life to making it a reality. His legacy lives on to this day.
While Sir Harry was alive he called the Castle home. He spent his days building and his night’s slumber deep in the Castle’s soul. One might say Sir Harry’s soul and the Castle’s are one.
The construction of this mid-evil marvel would be a daunting task for even an expert construction company of today. Building it with no machines or plans would probably make it impossible.
Why would a man of Sir Harry’s genius decide to spend thousands of days on end relentlessly mortaring and cutting stones.
What was his vision? A Castle to call home? A monument to the human spirit? Only Harry knows for sure.
Harry knew the Castle would stand hundreds of years and he also knew it could get lonely. To provide the human attention necessary for a Castle to be called home Sir Harry formed the “Knights of the Golden Trail”. A society of members dedicated to keeping the Castle in top form, not to mention keeping it in good company. The Knights continue to treat the Castle with the same respect as Harry. They host events for children, offering them the opportunity to spend the night in a real mid-evil Castle. Sir Harry wanted it that way. He felt children were not exposed to enough healthy, quality recreation (and that was back in the 30’s!). Harry wanted all the children to enjoy his life’s work. Much to the delight of today’s youths the Knights carry on the work Harry started with reverence.

Some of the children who have stayed in the Castle have reported accounts of a supernatural presence. Strange episodes such as checker games being played when no one is around and objects being moved about. It isn’t just children either a group of Native Americans conducted a ceremony on the property. It was being filmed, suddenly as the flutes began to play and the dancers began their dance the cameras shut down. All of them.
Current Knight in residence Sir Joseph Carey calls the Castle home. He explained the spirits are to him angels. In fact he confirms that one spirit always wakes him if someone trespasses in the night. Another spirit never enters the Castle. However, it does protect the outside surrounding area and will occasionally knock on the door to call attention. Wow talk about a security system!
Another part of the puzzle are the boy and girl spirits that some have seen. In life they were killed by fire (same as Sir Harry) and now are often seen about the Castle. Sir Joe explains the spirits, “the children never had Christmas or birthdays, never had a chance to play, learn or enjoy a life. Now they can enjoy the Castle” Sir Joe welcomes the children who want to enjoy Chateau Laroche... living or not. He believes all the spirits that call the Castle home are angels, that they protect the Castle and all of it’s guests. After all, in this world we’re all just guests.
Loveland Castle is home to the longest running Haunted House in the Tri-state area. The Castle’s Annual Halloween event takes place October 13&14, 20&21 and the 27th. The Castle will be open (7-11) for all ages. Admission is $8 adults, $7 for kids 6 and up, $1 parking (the proceeds all go to preserving the Castle and grounds). You have to see it to believe it and just you might be surprised what you’ll see.