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500 Miles to Memphis

This Cincinnati born Country Punk band has a tremendous tour schedule, awesome originals and CMT videos. They hailed from our city but rarely play here. Catch them while you can
Friday Oct 31st at Southgate House Revival (8pm).
See and here more about the band on their reverbnation page.

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Tanya Marie Harris

“Fans of Modern Country should show up in groves for this show!
Tanya Marie Harris’ “...once you take the time to listen, you’re going to want to hear more. Characterized by big, bold vocals full of passion and pizzazz, this track is the sort to take an artist somewhere big. Harris needs to get ready because her star is shining bright. - Review by Andrew Greenhalgh.

Saturday November 1st @ Toby Keith's

see & hear more on her revbnation page

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Sexiest Server in the city.

We want to know which girl and guy can claim the fame of
"Sexiest Cincy Server"
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The Spread Buffet

Our first experience (Grand Opening) was a huge let down. Did they get it together or not?


Who is Cincy's Hottest Club Band?

We dig deep and find out which bar band gets the big bucks


Miford's New Pub
"Sloppy Joe's"

The Milford/Goshen spot has been a constant turnover of one bar after another. What makes this new pub different? Or is it just the same old song and dance?


Eagle Food and Beer Hall

Hype? or Hot!
We spew the truth!


Why does this pizza joint get so much press?
We send out our undercover brother to find out.


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